Trump Moving Forward With Push To Make People WORK For Welfare Benefits…

Anyone that’s hardworking and that has ever been cursed to have to be on welfare for any amount of time will tell you that you are going to try and get a job as soon as possible so you don’t have to rely on other’s for your keep.

In President Trump’s most recent efforts to diminish the Obama administration’s “legacy” of increasing the dependence of citizens on the government, he and his administration have started looking at allowing states to enforce work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Admin. Seema Verma stood in front of the National Association of Medicaid Directors this week. She explained how President Trump supports a plan that would help Medicaid recipients “move up, move on, and move out” of the welfare program that is meant to aid low-income Americans.

Americans with common sense understand that work requirements for federal programs are extremely important. There is no reason that able-bodied American citizens should be feeding off the government and receiving a free ride.

According to msmisdoa: Verma stated, “Believing that community engagement requirements do not support or promote the objectives of Medicaid is a tragic example of the soft bigotry of low expectations consistently espoused by the prior administration. Those days are over.”

The Times also reported that Verma defined community engagement as those who work, volunteer, go to school, or work towards some kind of job training.

Verma went on, “Let me be clear to everyone in this room — we will approve proposals that promote community engagement activities. Every American deserves the dignity and respect of high expectations, and as public officials we should deliver programs that instill hope and say to each beneficiary that we believe in your potential.”

We already know that the Left isn’t going to be happy about these new stipulations for Medicaid. The reality is that the government program should be instituting work requirements for those who benefit from it.

A senior attorney with the National Health Law Program, Catherine McKee, stated, “Not only will work requirements impede access to health care coverage for individuals who aren’t able to work, but they will also create difficult administrative hurdles for the vast majority of individuals on Medicaid who are already working.”

McKee explained that as the rules stand right now there is only one way that individual states can obtain waivers to Medicaid policies in order to prove that the purpose is to stretch coverage to more poor citizens.

McKee was firm in her statement when she explained, “Work requirements do not meet these standards.”

We cannot ignore the fact that just like other articles of entitlement reform, these criteria would most likely apply to able-bodied adult American citizens who do not have their own children that have the ability to bring in an income but choose not to.

CMS also says that the waiver programs would be followed through on a broad definition of a section of the Social Security Act. This section is known as “Section 1115.” It allows flexibility to states in order to experiment with pilot or demonstration projects in order to improve the efficiency of these kinds of federal aid programs.

Source: FlagHugger