NFL Player Shocks Entire Stadium With What He Did To Veteran On ‘His’ Sideline

Despite the dramatically decreasing attendance, NFL games still go on weekly regardless if there’s anyone there to see them and the protests that come with it. Entitled players seem to completely ignore the harsh reality of their anti-American rhetoric, seen in the empty seats that surround them that seem to be more than fans who still come to see them play. The league reached rock bottom with the record low attendance this past weekend during Veterans Day games. However, people watching the demise of what was once America’s favorite sport were shocked when they saw what a Washington Redskins player did as soon as he saw a military veteran standing on his sideline.

The National Football league tried to pull out all the stops this past weekend to save a little face by showing some respect for our veterans, who they have spent the last three months disrespecting with their sideline protests. It was a little too late to change the league’s course for the season which is essentially over now despite there being several more months until the Super Bowl. However, it wasn’t the pomp and circumstance of the staged events the league put on this past weekend that got everyone’s attention. What Redskins cornerback Josh Norman did during a game against the Minnesota Vikings, one day after Veterans Day, when he saw the commandant of the Marine Corps on his sidelines, is what everyone should be talking about now.

The Daily Wire reports:

A Washington Redskins football player gave signed game gear to the commandant of the Marine Corps on Sunday during the team’s matchup against the Minnesota Vikings.

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman honored military veterans the day after Veterans Day by autographing and giving the cleats he wore during the game to military officers.

The Smoke Room reported that the cleats appeared to be the same cleats Norman wore last week which have a patriotic message written on them: “To all whom served beneath the Stars.”

The Associated Press noted that during this week’s games all NFL players stood for the national anthem except for three players in the New York Giants vs. the San Francisco 49ers game.

While Norman is certainly owed credit where it’s due since not everyone in the league is represented by Colin Kaepernick and his unfortunate followers who are kneeling by his example, fans aren’t taking this single gesture as a reason to start watching the games again.

“Unfortunately, the NFL’s honorable behavior came after its dishonorable behavior was proven to be very bad for business,” one reader commented on Daily Wire’s post of the awesome honor Norman showed a veteran. “When guys like Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers kneel down in support of their black teammates’ anti-law enforcement campaign or to thumb their noses at President Trump, the damage to the NFL is done, it’s forever and a pair of autographed cleats won’t change that.”

This seems to be the resounding sentiment among former football fans as stadiums go empty each week for just about every game played in the league. The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, could have stopped it before it got this bad, but didn’t and now he’s suffering the consequences despite ignoring the reality.

Norman is among the rare few players with a genuine appreciation for those who have sacrificed for our country and defended millionaire athletes’ right to free speech and protest through their service that’s been disrespected. Rather than following in Kaepernick’s lead, this cornerback picked another player to emulate who has been a hero of the league but gone largely unrecognized.

Larry Fitzgerald, 33, is now in his 14th NFL season and has always impressed with how he plays on the field, but now it’s what he did to an Airman that he will forever be remembered for. Such is the case for all player who have worked hard to get to the NFL only to remembered for everything else they did outside the sport to make a statement.

Fitzgerald was on the sidelines watching the flag ceremony when he noticed the Airman’s had fallen off during the ceremony. Out of respect for the flag, the airman couldn’t let go of Old Glory to put his uniform back together, which Fitzgerald seemed to realize as well. Showing respect for the soldier and the flag, the receiver ran out on the field and got the Airman’s back by putting his hat back on his head.

It’s a simple gesture that speaks volumes, especially since it took place last season just as the protests were percolating into the big problem they are today. Rather than following this incredible player’s example and learning from his good sportsmanship, the league went the way of Kaepernick and will end up with the same demise he’s suffering now.

There are still good guys out there in a league of degenerates, racists, and anti-American idiots who are ruining it for other players and all the fans. It’s players like Norman and Fitzgerald who deserved all of the attention that the protesting one have gotten and used in all the wrong ways.