Hours After Arresting Pakistani IT Guys, FBI Uncovers DWS Bombshell

Our readers may have seen the mainstream media gloss over reports — if they reported it at all — of the arrest by the FBI of a Pakistani information technology staffer for Democrat Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz at Dulles International Airport on Monday as he attempted to flee the country to Pakistan.

According to The Daily Caller, the IT staffer named Imran Awan was arrested on a charge of bank fraud related to a home mortgage scheme he and members of his family had engaged in to defraud the Congressional Federal Credit Union of nearly $300,000, which was transferred via wire to two individuals in Pakistan.

The affidavit filed against Awan in federal court detailed how he and his wife had taken out second mortgages on rental properties by lying to the bank and claiming those rental properties were primary residences. The money obtained through those loans was bundled together in the amount of $283,000 and transferred to their home country.

Awan and members of his family have been the subject of a broader criminal investigation since at least February, and are suspected of stealing money, equipment and information from the dozens of Democrat members of Congress for whom they allegedly performed IT services. Awan and the others are believed to have had access to all of the emails and documents contained on computers and personal devices used by Democrat lawmakers and their staffers.

Curiously, Politico reported that Wasserman Schultz only fired Awan on Tuesday, after he had been arrested and pleaded innocent in federal court, even as most of the other Democrat lawmakers had distanced themselves and cut ties with Awan and his brothers when word of the investigation emerged earlier in the year and the men had been banned from the congressional computer network.

It is worth noting that Awan’s wife, Hina Alvi, had left the U.S. for Pakistan in March with her daughters, along with $12,400 in cash and numerous pieces of luggage. Investigators suspect she has no intention of ever returning to the U.S., and that Awan was attempting to join her in leaving the United States for good.

Breitbart reported that Awan has served as a top IT staffer for Wasserman Schultz since at least 2004, including the entirety of her tenure as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, and managed to procure similar posts at inflated salaries with other lawmakers for his brothers and wife. It is estimated that the family has garnered upwards of $4 million combined since 2009 through their work with House Democrats.

Furthermore, even as other Democrats distanced themselves from Awan, Wasserman Schultz stood by and defended him, even subtly threatening the Capitol Police chief with “consequences” at one point if he didn’t return to her a laptop that had been seized from Awan as part of the investigation, according to The Daily Caller.

To top that off, Awan is alleged to have harassed and threatened a veteran family that rented one of his properties in regard to smashed hard drives and other computer equipment that had been left in the house by Awan. The Marine who rented the house refused to hand the equipment back over to Awan and instead handed it off to the FBI.

This Imran Awan story is a rabbit hole of unknown depth, and we have likely only scratched the surface. Expect to hear more about Awan and the potentially criminal violations of national security protocol committed by him and his family in the future as more information from the investigation comes out, hopefully in the form of a broad indictment against him and his brothers.

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